Future Solutions

Future Solutions

Unlocking Energy Solutions with MISC

New solutions pivots on the new maritime solutions; such as non-conventional assets, new energy and decarbonisation segments. New energy such as ammonia and hydrogen carriers and decarbonisation such as LCO2 carriers, digitalisation and automation onboard vessels are of interest. 

As global calls to meet net-zero aspirations grow, MISC is at the forefront to providing sustainable maritime solutions for a better future. Under Future Solutions, MISC’s initiatives are focused on providing non-conventional maritime solutions such as :-

  1. LNG - to - Power:
    • Floating Storage Units (FSU)
    • Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU)
  2. Specialised Gas Carriers such as Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC)
  3. Green Solutions:
    • Liquid Ammonia (LNH3) Carriers
    • Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) Carriers
    • Digitalisation & Automation Onboard Vessels

Our Solutions

Our solutions include LNG-to-Power solutions, Specialised Gas Carriers, liquid Ammonia carriers, and New Energy & Decarbonisation. These solutions are environmentally friendly and economically viable, offering a sustainable option for the shipping industry.

Partner with a global innovator


Partner with a global innovator

Our unique selling points include our diverse portfolio of gas assets, proven experience and expertise, commitment to exceeding customer expectations, and leadership in the global energy transition toward a low-carbon future. We are strategically positioned to contribute to this transition and meet future energy demands.

Fueling the Transition

Fueling the Transition

Gas markets play a significant role in the global energy transition toward a low-carbon future. At MISC, we are strategically positioned to contribute to this transition and meet future energy demands. We are committed to exploring innovative solutions that drive environmental sustainability while enhancing our clients' energy security.

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Our LNG to Power Gas solutions include FSRU, Power Vessels, and other innovative ventures. These solutions meet the energy needs of our clients and charterers. We encourage potential partners and charterers to explore each solution's details and learn more about how we can meet their energy needs.

Moving Energy

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Our Global Footprint

MISC's reach across the world

Being one of the largest FPSO/FSO owner-operators in the world, MISC has the reach across Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil and other strategic locations to meet the global demands of the oil and gas industry today.

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