Our Brand

Our Brand

Moving Energy 

Moving Energy has, for us, always meant more than simply delivering maritime solutions and services. It’s been about leading from the front and moving our industry into the future. It’s meant never being static and constantly evolving. This attitude has led us to amass a matchless depth and breadth of expertise, while delivering best in class solutions and services that harness the power of innovation to deliver progress or our stakeholders. Today we have a vast global footprint and are one of the world’s top five shipping conglomerates.

  • It’s something we are proud of
  • It’s something we celebrate
  • And it’s a responsibility that we take seriously

Our scale, knowledge, and power means that we have a duty to continue setting a precedent that doesn’t just future-proof our industry and ensure sustainable value for stakeholders, but also leads to the establishment of a new industry standard. Not just knowing the way but showing the way.

Our logo

Drawing from the strength of the ocean, we move forward with confidence and clarity. The upwards motion of the waves points to our quest for sustainable growth and innovation. Our refreshed logo is dynamic and energetic, reflecting our ambitions to move our industry into the future. 

Brand manifesto

We are at the source, creating waves of progress in the business of our customers, in the industry, in the wellbeing of our employees, and in the development of society. 

Our impact continues over time, generating its own momentum, having a positive ripple effect. We are powered by our people- they are the epicentre of progress.

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