Become a Supplier

Become a Supplier

Our Focus

Achieve Greater Heights Together

At MISC Group we want to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all stakeholders, including our customers and suppliers. Our partners are crucial to us, and we build relationships based on transparency and trust.  Find out more about our vendor partnerships below. 

Registration and references

Establishing partnerships based on cooperation, trust, and shared achievements. This section offers details on vendor registration for those keen on collaborating with MISC. Please note that application procedures, guidelines, and requirements may be updated periodically.

For vendors interested in conducting business with MISC, this section also outlines the registration process, with procedures and guidelines subject to occasional revisions. Download the necessary documents below for registration and references.

Combining ESG with Digital Procurement

MISC Group Procurement integrates ESG with digital procurement, focusing on Process, People, Platform, and Performance. Category Management streamlines spending data, enhances vendor risk management, and boosts efficiencies. ESG in Category Strategies adds value, strengthens supplier partnerships, and encourages Continuous Improvement & Innovation. The platform aids in Vendor Performance and ESG Risk Assessment through automation and analytics. This promotes innovation, expands the supplier base, drives competition, business growth, and talent attraction.

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