Digitalisation and Cybersecurity

Digitalisation and Cybersecurity

Powering digital transformation  

Digital technologies have the potential to be powerful drivers of inclusive and sustainable growth as they spur innovation, generate efficiencies, and improve services.  

We are driving digitalisation and innovation through the following areas:

Focus Areas

We are driving digitalisation and innovation through the following areas:

  • Crew management 
  • Optimised crew management system 
  • Real-time vessel tracking 
  • New ship building projects

Digitalisation and innovation for circular economy

We leverage digitalisation and innovation to drive circular economy practices, creating a sustainable future.

Our commitment

  • To promote the elimination of waste and the continual use of resources  
  • To increase the usage of renewable resources

Our initiatives    

  • Practice 4R - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (Waste-to-Value Concept)  
  • Practising Green Ship Recycling  
  • Greater Renewable Resource Utilisation

Our contribution to UNSDG

  • Ensure sustainable consumption by promoting circular economy (eliminating waste and the continual use of renewable resources) and sustainable procurement practices.
What's new in our digitalised vessels?

Latest Advances

What's new in our digitalised vessels?

  • E-navigation systems that offer greater accuracy
  • Internet-of-Things connectivity for real-time monitoring of shipboard systems
  • Internet-of-Services to connect with shore-based services
  • Integrated ship control with big data

Talent excellence

Talent excellence

With the advent of digitalisation, current and future employees are expected to upskill and reskill themselves with additional technical and digital capabilities. This encompasses digital logistics, optimised crew management systems, real-time vessel tracking, safety at sea, and predictive maintenance. 

Cybersecurity at MISC

Information is exposed to a rapidly growing variety of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in an increasingly interconnected global environment. Investing in information and cybersecurity helps protect our technology, assets, and critical information. Importantly, it avoids reputational damage or monetary loss resulting from unauthorised access to our systems and data. 

We believe it is essential to set the direction, provide a relevant security framework, build internal capabilities, pursue the information security strategy, empower the security team, and raise cybersecurity awareness within MISC to improve cyber resiliency. We train and inform our workforce on potential risks and security issues in our everyday business. Both mandatory and optional training equips employees with the necessary tools to handle problems such as phishing or ransomware attempts. We monitor and modify this training if required to maximise the effectiveness of educational development. 

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