Community Investment

Community Investment

Partnering with the community 

Community investments have also always been an important part of MISC. We are committed to positively impacting communities directly and indirectly affected by our activities. This commitment is implemented through our Sustainability Community Investment Strategy, focusing on the themes of education, environment, health, safety, and well-being.  

As responsible corporate citizens, investing in our communities will help us exert a positive social impact. Our investments benefit the community while aligning with our strategic business context and the broader United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). 

Learn more about our community investment initiatives. 

Community investment principles


Community investment principles

  • STRATEGIC - Evolves with the business phase and uses different approaches along the project cycle 
  • ALIGNED  - Aligns the strategic issues of the business with the development priorities of local communities, civil society, and/or government to create shared value 
  • MULTI-STAKEHOLDER DRIVER - Positions the company as a partner in multi-stakeholder processes rather than as the principal actor in promoting local development 
  • SUSTAINABLE  - Seeks to avoid dependency, encourage self-reliance, and create long-term benefits that can outlast company support 
  • MEASUREABLE - Measures return on community investment to both the company and the community

Promoting code of conduct through circular economy practices

We promote a code of conduct that emphasizes both ethics and circular economy principles. By integrating these practices, we contribute to sustainability and responsible business behavior. Collaboration with our suppliers is key in implementing these practices across the value chain, ensuring a better and more sustainable world.

Our commitment  

  • To foster youth development towards becoming future leader through education 

Our initiatives     

  • Establish multi-stakeholder community investment programs aimed at upskilling the entrepreneurship skills of youth 
  • Continuation of maritime cadet sponsorship program 

Our contribution to UNSDG 

  • Promote skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment in decent jobs and professional entrepreneurship 


Investing in maritime education to provide opportunities to students  

As part of our commitment to the growth and sustainability of the maritime industry, MISC continues to help develop capable seafaring professionals via our wholly owned maritime academy, ALAM. Over 13,500 seafarers have been trained in nautical studies and marine engineering since its inception in 1977. The Group through our subsidiary, Eaglestar continues to sponsor cadets for Diplomas in Nautical Studies and Marine Engineering under the MISC Cadet Sponsorship Program. In 2021, we sponsored 772 students with the total annual scholarship worth RM21.71 million. 



Creating a positive difference to the lives of their communities 

As an employer with a global workforce, our energy logistics subsidiary AET are committed to making a positive impact on communities where they are present. We are mindful of the difficulties faced by the underprivileged communities across the globe due to the ongoing pandemic and are to doing our part to give back to our society to build a better world. 

AET are supporting local communities through the following initiatives: 

  • Championing Education through Scholarships 
  • Sustaining Crew Welfare Campaign 
  • #LetsHelpIndia Campaign with Singapore’s Red Cross Society 
  • Texas Adopt-A-Beach Clean-up 
  • Caring for Communities 



Creating a positive impact for local communities is an integral component in our Marine and Heavy Engineering business operations.

A globally trusted, energy industry and marine solutions provider, MHB participates in the following community investment programs: 

  • Flood Relief e-Donation Drive for deserving families impacted by flooding in Kota Tinggi, Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru 
  • MHB Cares – Donation to Needy Residents and underprivileged families around Pasir Gudang areas  
  • MHB Cares – COVID-19 Relief Underprivileged family whose income was affected significantly by the pandemic, including 82 school students, frontliners and COVID-19 patients 
  • Contribution for the Impacted Workers During MCO 
  • Go Green Program 
  • Mangrove planting program 
  • Contribution to the national disaster relief trust fund 

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