Where We Operate

Where We Operate

MISC across the globe

Ranked among the top five shipping conglomerates worldwide, MISC Group has an extensive global presence. Check out our interactive map below to explore our global operations and search for our assets.

Use the interactive map to explore our global operations and search for assets. 

LNG Carriers
Petroleum Vessels
FSO and FPSO Assets
Ethane Carriers
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MISC in the Energy Value Chain

Cross-business synergies are vital to MISC and a key strategy for enhancing our growth potential. MISC and its group of companies work in synergy to support the global energy value chain by providing end-to-end energy-related maritime solutions and services.

How We Move Energy

How We Move Energy

Cross-business synergies are vital to MISC and a key strategy for enhancing our growth potential. MISC and its group of companies work in synergy to support the global energy value chain by providing end-to-end energy-related maritime solutions and services.


Our LNG Carrier fleet is compatible with more than 100 LNG receiving terminals and 45 export terminals worldwide.

VesselYearCapacity (CBM)
Puteri Intan1994130,000
Puteri Delima1995130,000
Puteri Nilam1995130,000
Puteri Zamrud1996130,000
Puteri Delima Satu2002137,800
Puteri Intan Satu2002137,800
Puteri Nilam Satu2003137,800
Puteri Zamrud Satu2004137,800
Puteri Firus Satu2005137,800
Puteri Mutiara Satu2005137,800
Seri Alam2005145,000
Seri Amanah2006145,000
Seri Anggun2006145,000
Seri Angkasa2006145,000
Seri Ayu2007145,000
Seri Bakti2007152,300
Seri Begawan2007152,300
Seri Bijaksana2008152,300
Seri Balqis2009157,000
Seri Balhaf2009157,000
Seri Camellia2016150,200
Seri Cempaka2017150,200
Seri Cenderawasih2017150,200
Seri Camar2018150,200
Seri Cemara2018150,200

LNG Carriers (JV) 

VesselYearCapacity (CBM)
Aman Sendai199718,900
Diamond Gas Crystal2021174,000
Diamond Gas Victoria2021174,000

LNG Bunker Vessel (LBV) (In-Chartered)

VesselYearCapacity (CBM)
Avenir Advantage20207,454

New Buildings

VesselYearCapacity (CBM)
HN 3395Newbuild174,000
HN 3396Newbuild174,000
HN 3397Newbuild174,000
HN 3398Newbuild174,000
HN 3399Newbuild174,000
HN 3400Newbuild174,000
HN 3401Newbuild174,000
HN H1797ANewbuild174,000
HN H1798ANewbuild174,000
HN H1799ANewbuild174,000
HN H1800ANewbuild174,000
HN H1801ANewbuild174,000
HN 2570Newbuild174,000
HN 2571Newbuild174,000

Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC)

Our VLECs are powered by the dual-fuel 2-stroke engines MAN ME-GIE, capable of burning low sulfur fuel and ethane. The cargo tanks on these vessels are designed to carry a variety of gases, including ethane, LPG, and ethylene.

Please check the table below to find out more about our vessel.

VesselYearCapacity (CBM)
Seri Everest202098,000
Seri Erlang202198,000
Seri Emei202198,000
Seri Emory202198,000
Seri Emperor202198,000
Seri Elbert202198,000

Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC)

VesselYearCapacity (DWT)
Bunga Kasturi Lima2007300,246
Bunga Kasturi Enam2008299,319
Eagle Vancouver2013319,580
Eagle Varna2013319,580
Eagle Verona2013320,122
Eagle Venice2016300,342
Eagle Victoria2016299,392
Eagle Versailles2019320,122

Suezmax Tanker

Eagle San Antonio2012157,000
Eagle San Diego2012149,999
Eagle San Juan2012157,000
Eagle San Pedro2012157,000
Eagle San Francisco2018158,000
Eagle San Jose2018157,512

Aframax Tanker

Bunga Kelana 92004105,500
Bunga Kelana 102004105,500
Eagle Torrance2007107,000
Eagle Turin2008107,000
Eagle Kuching2009107,481
Eagle Halifax2010114,700
Eagle Hamilton2010114,022
Eagle Hanover2010114,700
Eagle Hatteras2010114,028
Eagle Helsinki2010114,700
Eagle Kangar2010107,481
Eagle Klang2010107,481
Eagle Kuantan2010107,481
Eagle Hydra2011113,968
Eagle Kinabalu2011107,481
Eagle Kinarut2011107,481
Eagle Barcelona2018113,327
Eagle Brisbane2018113,327
Eagle Bintulu2019113,327
Eagle Brasilia2019113,089

Lightering Supoort (LSV)

ELS Maite19751,023
Amy Chouest19932,919
NS Loreto20071,557
Didi K20081,371
Annabelle Miller20091,261
AET Innovator20111,475
AET Excellence20121,475
AET Partnership20121,475
AET Responsibility20121,475

Chemical / Product Tankers

Bunga Lavender201019,996
Bunga Lilac201119,992
Bunga Lily201119,991

FacilityYearStorage Capacity (bbls) 
FPSO Bunga Kertas2004619,000Download Factsheet
FPSO Kikeh20072,000,000Download Factsheet
FPSO Espirito Santo20092,020,000Download Factsheet
FPSO Ruby II2010745,000Download Factsheet
FPSO Bunga Cendor2014745,000Download Factsheet
MAMPU 12015350,000Download Factsheet


FacilityYearStorage Capacity 
FSO Puteri Dulang1991873,847Download Factsheet
FSO Orkid2009777,504Download Factsheet
FSO Benchamas 22018650,000Download Factsheet
FSO Mekar Bergading2018710100Download Factsheet
FSO Golden Star2020793,566


FacilityYearStorage Capacity 
GUMUSUT-KAKAP2013-Download Factsheet


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