Specialised Gas Carrier

Specialised Gas Carrier

Providing Tailored Solutions for Clients and Charterers in the Gas Industry

MISC offers a variety of specialised gas transportation and storage solutions worldwide. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to cater to the distinctive requirements of our clients and charterers.

Commitment to partnerships and innovation


Commitment to partnerships and innovation

MISC Specialised Gas Carrier Services offers a range of unique selling points (USPs) that set it apart from other gas transportation providers. These include:

  • Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC).
  • Extensive experience and capability in conventional and non-conventional gas solutions.
  • Commitment to exceeding customer expectations.
  • Expertise in navigating the complexities of the gas market.


Assets Details

Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC)

Our VLECs are powered by the dual-fuel 2-stroke engines MAN ME-GIE, capable of burning low sulfur fuel and ethane. The cargo tanks on these vessels are designed to carry a variety of gases, including ethane, LPG, and ethylene.

Please check the table below to find out more about our vessel.

Vessel Year Capacity (CBM)
Seri Everest 2020 98,000
Seri Erlang 2021 98,000
Seri Emei 2021 98,000
Seri Emory 2021 98,000
Seri Emperor 2021 98,000
Seri Elbert 2021 98,000
Our Vision for the Gas Industry

Our Vision for the Gas Industry

As the world moves towards a low-carbon future, gas markets will play a critical role in the global energy transition. MISC is strategically positioned to grow and adapt its gas assets and solutions to support this transition. The company is committed to developing sustainable and innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

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Our Global Footprint

MISC's reach across the world

Being one of the largest FPSO/FSO owner-operators in the world, MISC has the reach across Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil and other strategic locations to meet the global demands of the oil and gas industry today.

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