LNG to Power Solutions

LNG to Power Solutions

Gas as a Transition Fuel Alongside Renewable Energy

As renewable energy increasingly dominates the global conversation, gas remains a crucial component in clean power generation. To meet energy demands, LNG-based assets continue to be the primary option. Developing nations are expected to experience the most significant growth in LNG-to-Power (L2P) demand, driven by economic advancement and population expansion. Our LNG to power solutions, including Floating Storage Unit (FSU) and Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) are ideal for meeting this demand.

 Diversifying into LNG-to-Power (L2P) solutions

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Diversifying into LNG-to-Power (L2P) solutions

L2P is a cleaner power generation solution that is in line with the current energy transition and climate-change market demands. In comparison to liquid fuel, L2P solutions emit 20% less CO2 emissions, 90% lower NOx , 97% less particle emissions and provide a 100% reduction in SOx emissions. 


MISC LNG to power solution offers several advantages over traditional onshore LNG terminal facilities.

  • Flexibility and mobility: FSRU/FSU are mobile and can be deployed relatively quickly, allowing for more flexibility in meeting changing demand for natural gas. Depending on design, they are mobile and can be deployed to different locations as needed; making them ideal for regions with fluctuatiinenergy needs where long-term infrastructure investments might be impractical. These facilities are also able to serve a location temporarily, before long-term permanent solutions are being built. 
  • Reduced infrastructure costs: Onshore LNG terminal facilities require significant investments which are costly. FSRU/FSU eliminate the need for these infrastructures to be built hence reduces the financial requirements and time
  • Rapid deployment: FSRU/FSU can be constructed and delivered in a shorter timeline compared to the conventional onshore LNG terminals

Floating Storage Unit (FSU)

Assets Details

Tenaga Satu and Tenaga Empat LNG Vessels Converted into FSUs for Malaysia's Regasification Terminal

MISC has successfully converted two of its LNG vessels into Floating Storage Units (FSUs) that now support Malaysia's first regasification terminal, located in Sungai Udang, Melaka. The project entailed redesigning existing Tenaga Class LNG vessels with a total combined storage capacity of 260,000 cbm. These FSUs are designed to stay alongside the jetty for 20 years without the need for drydocking and have been converted according to marine standards and IACS Classification Society's rules and regulations. Overall, the FSUs has performed a total of 194 operations (reloading/discharge) with LNG Carriers (LNGCs) and a total of 28 STS operations with LNG Bunkering Vessel (LBV).

Please check the table below to find out more about our vessel.

Vessel Year Capacity
FSU Tenaga Satu 1981 130,000
FSU Tenaga Empat 1981 130,000
LNG To Power Solution over Traditional Onshore LNG Terminal Facilities

LNG To Power Solution over Traditional Onshore LNG Terminal Facilities

MISC LNG to power solution is an excellent alternative to traditional onshore LNG terminal facilities. It is cost-effective, flexible, and can be rapidly deployed due to its mobility and reduced infrastructure costs. This makes it an ideal choice for regions with high energy demand.

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