Green Solutions

Green Solutions

Equipping our fleet for a sustainable future

In addition to our commitment to delivering operational excellence, at MISC Group we are focused on contributing to the future and sustainability of our industry. We are exploring alternative gas solutions in several key focus areas. This includes rejuvenating our fleet by investing in modern and more efficient vessels while phasing out older ones that do not meet evolving emissions requirements. On top of this, we plan to leverage existing synergies between our different business units to further enhance the operational efficiency of our vessels. 

We are also currently further strengthening and diversifying our asset portfolio by expanding into new asset classes including VLECs, and selectively seeking opportunities to add modern and energy-efficient conventional LNGCs to our asset portfolio. In the longer term, our strategic focus is on exploring opportunities presented by new technology and asset solutions, including those associated with liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) carriers and minimum manning FSUs. 

The energy transition brings with it both opportunities and challenges ahead. To anchor these opportunities, we will continue to actively explore and appraise new business areas, models, and portfolios, and build new capabilities for a new era. 

Learn more about how we’re contributing to the future of our industry below.  

Zero Emission Vessels (Ammonia Fueled)

Ammonia has gained attention as a potential energy fuel in efforts to decarbonise the maritime industry. As ammonia is also a hydrogen carrier , it is widely explored as the next marine fuel, apart from methanol. This makes ammonia carriers important in the context of a potential future hydrogen economy. 

Ammonia is currently being traded globally to fulfil the fertilizer industry, however with the rise of production of green/blue ammonia production, there will be a push to trade green/blue ammonia. 

 MISC is looking to decarbonise its fleet through deployment of zero emission vessels and enabling the industry to decarbonise by providing vessels to transport such valuable commodities across the globe.   Zero-emission vessels (ZEVs) are ships that produce zero greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants during their operation. These vessels are powered by clean and renewable sources of energy such as hydrogen fuel cells, batteries, or wind power, and are designed to minimize their environmental impact.

 Though  ammonia engine is still in development, we’re nearing the completion and will expect to have more zero-carbon engines in the nearest future. Come talk to us to discuss on potential solutions to suit your business needs to transport green/blue ammonia.

Integrated Maritime Solution in the Carbon Capture & Storage Value Chain 

MISC together with global partners are set to provide Carbon Capture and Storage Solutions in the maritime value chain through strategic collaboration which puts us on the path towards thriving in a net zero economy 2050.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) and transporting it to a storage site to prevent the CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. In May 2022 MISC formed a CCUS Incubation team tasked with developing potential solutions for each component of the value chain: Capture, Storage (Intermediate Storage), Transportation and Utilisation.

Digitalisation and Automation Onboard Vessels

MISC is committed to ensuring that our solutions are current and forward-thinking. As we are focused on delivering optimised solutions for our customers, we are exploring the digitalisation and automation spaces to enhance our ship operations while maintaining the highest degree of safety.

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