Our Stakeholders

Our Stakeholders

Enhancing maritime industry through stakeholder engagement

MISC is dedicated to contributing towards the growth of the maritime industry while also creating a positive impact for our stakeholders. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a stakeholder engagement strategy that emphasizes shared value.

Stakeholder engagement is an integrated aspect of every step of our value creation process at MISC. Our definition of stakeholders includes anyone who can influence or has the potential to influence our business operations, as well as anyone who may be impacted by them.

Engaging Our Stakeholders

We are committed to contributing towards elevating the maritime industry and making a positive impact on our stakeholders. This commitment is supported by our stakeholder engagement strategy, focusing on creating shared values through awareness, dialogue, and collaboration. At MISC, stakeholder engagement is integrated into every step of our value creation process.  

Stakeholder engagement principles 

  • COLLABORATE with strategic partners 
  • PROMOTE sustainability awareness 
  • COMMUNICATE effectively through identified platforms 
  • FEEDBACK sought regularly from stakeholders 
  • TRANSPARENCY through disclosures
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