Coral Reef Conservation

Coral Reef Conservation

Protecting marine resources and increasing reef resilience

The Mersing Islands Reef Conservation Initiative is MISC’s inaugural conservation initiative under the Group’s Heart of the Ocean program. It focuses on improving the ocean’s health through supporting conservation initiatives around coral reef protection and taking positive actions to prevent and reduce plastic litter in our oceans. This initiative is a collaboration between MISC and Reef Check Malaysia, a non-governmental organisation specialising in marine conservation.

In addition to continuing yearly reef surveys, monitoring, and clean-ups, we conducted a study on the resilience of reefs around the Mersing Islands to identify less resilient reef sites and recommend targeted mitigation measures. We continued to conduct community programs to raise awareness on conservation efforts and gather feedback as input for the management and planning of the island’s conservation.

Conservation focus area

Focus areas

Conservation focus area

The conservation initiative focuses on two core areas:

  • Coral reef conservation and management via conducting coral monitoring, increasing its resilience; MPA (Marine Park Area) and sustainable tourism management; and stakeholders’ capacity building and awareness
  • Marine debris/ plastic waste management via implementing a waste management strategy and enhancing waste facilities and services on the Mersing Islands

"Protecting marine biodiversity and ecosystems in Malaysia is at the heart of what we do. Our long-term partnership with MISC Group on its Heart of the Ocean marine biodiversity conservation programme plays a crucial role in supporting ecological and social resilience around the Mersing Islands. Together, we hope to continue to achieve positive impacts through the work we do and strive towards a healthier and sustainable marine ecosystem."

Julian Hyde, General Manager, Reef Check Malaysia

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