Offshore Inspection

Offshore Inspection


We provide offshore inspection services for a range of upstream clients to ensure the safety of vessels operating in the offshore industry. We have in-house OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) accredited OVID (Offshore Vessel Inspection Database) inspectors and conduct over 400 inspections annually. With our decades of experience, we are the leading offshore vessel inspection service provider of the world.

Offshore Inspections

With a global database such as OVID, we can instantly access credible information on vessels to speed up the risk assessment and chartering process. OVID also allows our accredited inspectors to provide added confidence to our clients in regard to the inspection report.

Additionally, we offer a systematic, web-based risk management tool for; the Vessel Inspection System (VIS 2.0) which assists us in performing risk assessments on vessel and issuance of Recommendation Letter (Vetting Report) to our clients. This risk management system also allows us and our clients to continuously monitor the observations we make on chartered vessels which helps all parties to improve vessel safety.

Vessel Inspection System (VIS 2.0)

Vessel Inspection System (VIS 2.0) system provides risk assessment services in enhancing the safety of operations in the offshore industry. 


What We Offer

We support our clients with Offshore Inspection services to help:

  • Provide a thorough and reliable offshore vessel inspection to ensure safe operation.
  • Ensure high offshore vessel serviceability rate.
  • Provide assurance that the vessels they charter are safe for offshore operation.
  • Reduce the risk of unwanted incidents and mechanical breakdowns of the offshore support chartered vessels.
  • Provide an online database of inspected vessels that enables continuous monitoring and details the history of the vessels.
  • Issuance of Vessel Recommendation Letter (Vetting Report) to our clients.

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