International Ship and Port Security

International Ship and Port Security


We provide a range of security assessments and internal audit for vessel and terminal.

RSO Certified and Trusted Partner

We are certified as the Recognized Security Organization (RSO) by the Malaysia Marine Department that conducts Assessments / Re-Assessments for Marine Facility Security Assessment (MFSA) & Marine Facility Security Plan (MFSP). Our services include conducting ISPS internal audit for terminals and floaters providing consultancy work on the compliance with ISPS and conduct ISPS Awareness training for marine facility staff. We conducted more than 50 ISPS consultancy work and audits for our clients.

What We Offer

Provide qualified and experienced marine professionals for security assessment for vessels and terminals. Develop, perform and review the Marine Facility Security Assessment (MFSA) and Marine Facility Security Plan (MFSP), and to subsequently implement the plan in the marine facility.

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