LNG Carrier Services

LNG Carrier Services

A reputable and experienced player in the LNG industry

With over three decades of experience in transporting LNG globally, we are committed to providing operational excellence, reliability, safety, and on-time cargo deliveries to our clients. Our fleet of modern and technologically advanced vessels ensures that we can meet the demands of our customers and offer them a seamless experience, from start to finish. At MISC LNG Carrier Services, we take pride in our track record of delivering LNG safely and efficiently, and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come. Apart from the conventional LNG asset, we also provide LNG Bunkering services for customer's needs.

Commitment to partnerships and innovation


Commitment to partnerships and innovation

At MISC, we have a global reach and a strong network of partnerships that enables us to offer flexible and customised solutions to our clients. We understand that every customer has unique needs, and we are committed to working closely with them to ensure that those needs are met. 

Our team of experts is always looking for ways to improve our services and is dedicated to driving innovation in the LNG industry. We are proud of our record of delivering safe and reliable transportation of LNG to destinations around the world, and we are confident that we can continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

LNG Carriers

Assets Details

LNG Carriers

With strategic ship management centers located across the globe, the company is perfectly positioned to complement the gas value chain of clients by delivering safe, efficient, and reliable operations for their gas carrier assets such as LNGC, FSU, LBV, and VLEC. 

Vessel Year Capacity (CBM)
Puteri Intan 1994 130,300
Puteri Delima 1995 130,300
Puteri Nilam 1995 130,300
Puteri Zamrud 1996 130,300
Portovenere 1997 65,200
Lerici 1998 65,200
Puteri Delima Satu 2002 137,500
Puteri Nilam Satu 2003 137,500
Puteri Zamrud Satu 2004 137,500
Puteri Firus Satu 2004 137,500
Puteri Mutiara Satu 2005 137,500
Seri Alam 2005 145,700
Seri Amanah 2006 145,700
Seri Anggun 2006 145,700
Seri Angkasa 2006 145,700
Seri Ayu 2007 145,700
Seri Bakti 2007 153,000
Seri Begawan 2007 153,000
Seri Bijaksana 2008 153,000
Seri Balqis 2009 157,000
Seri Balhaf 2009 157,000
Seri Camellia 2016 150,500
Seri Cempaka 2017 150,400
Seri Cenderawasih 2017 150,400
Seri Camar 2018 150,400
Seri Cemara 2018 150,500
Seri Damai 2023 174,000
Seri Daya 2023 174,000

LNG Carriers (JV) 

Vessel Year Capacity (CBM)
Aman Sendai 1997 18,900
Diamond Gas Crystal 2021 174,000
Diamond Gas Victoria 2021 174,000

LNG Bunker Vessel (LBV) (In-Chartered)

Vessel Year Capacity (CBM)
Avenir Advantage 2020 7,454

New Buildings

Vessel Year Capacity (CBM)
HN 3395 Newbuild 174,000
HN 3396 Newbuild 174,000
HN 3397 Newbuild 174,000
HN 3398 Newbuild 174,000
HN 3399 Newbuild 174,000
HN 3400 Newbuild 174,000
HN 3401 Newbuild 174,000
HN H1797A Newbuild 174,000
HN H1798A Newbuild 174,000
HN H1799A Newbuild 174,000
HN H1800A Newbuild 174,000
HN H1801A Newbuild 174,000
HN 2570 Newbuild 174,000
HN 2571 Newbuild 174,000

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Being one of the largest FPSO/FSO owner-operators in the world, MISC has the reach across Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil and other strategic locations to meet the global demands of the oil and gas industry today.

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